Alpha (æl.fə) n.
The art of overperformance

About AlphaMechanix

We are specialized in Investing and Trading Strategies.

If you are looking to improve your performance in the financial markets, you are at the right place.

Our Approach

Facilitate high and stable performance with:

Professional Strategies

Balanced Portfolio’s

Performance Maintenance 

  • Custom development of strategy
  • Semi-Automatic or Fully Automated
  • Based on Technical- & Quantitative  Analysis
  • Strict Testing, Optimization and Validation procedures
  • Selecting the best strategies for specific markets
  • Diversified markets, time frames and strategy types
  • Optimized for minimal correlation between strategies
  • Fine-tuned for an optimal ratio between risk and return
  • Constant monitoring of strategies
  • Periodic Analysis of strategy performance
  • Strategy & Portfolio maintenance

Perform better with AlphaMechanix

Our Services

We offer investment and trading consultancy. If you need advice, we can help in the following areas:

  • Investing/Trading Approach
  • Strategy Development
  • Portfolio Creation and Optimization
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Risk Management
  • And more …

We can develop Custom Strategies from scratch or based on your own.

Instead of complete strategies we can also develop Custom Indicators/Alerts to support Manual Investing and Trading.

No cure, No pay!
We program, test, optimize and validate for free.

Make use of professionally developed trading strategies. Either Semi-Automatic (as a signal service) or Fully Automated (automatic executions).

Improve your performance with strategies that meet your requirements. You can choose from strategies already developed by us or you can let us develop custom strategies for you.


Our Strategies


AlphaMechanix offers a broad variety of strategies. Each strategy may differ based on the following characteristics:

Custom Strategy Development
If we don’t already have a strategy with the desired characteristics, performance requirements or if you want a new strategy based on your own, we can develop a custom strategy for you. We program, test, optimize and validate for free.


Performance may vary between strategies based on the different characteristics. Below are some figures to give an impression.

Average Annual Return
The average annual return of our individual strategies ranges from 10% to over 30% (without leverage and without re-investing profits).
The average annual return of our portfolio’s is 10% or higher depending on the selected strategies (without leverage and without re-investing profits).

Return vs. Risk
We aim for the best ratio between average annual return and average annual risk, with a strong focus on minimizing maximum risk.
For our individual strategies the ratio is at least 2:1 with a maximum drawdown lower than 30%.
For our portfolio’s the ratio is at least 4:1 (up to 10:1) with a maximum drawdown lower than 15% (down to 3%).

For detailed information on our strategies and portfolio’s including up to date performance reports please contact us.

We are here to answer your questions, provide advice, and recommend the right solution to reach your goals.

Please feel free to contact us.

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